How Apple’s $194 Billion Stacks Up

How Apple's $194 Billion Stacks Up

Here is what Apple’s $194 billion would look like if stacked using one-dollar bills. It would create a pile of money 13,166 miles (21,188 km) high. That’s over six times the diameter of the moon.

Also, the Death Star is really fucking small in comparison to a real moon. Rebels are so stupid.

Sources used for measurements:
The thickness of a United States dollar:
The diameter of the Earth:
The diameter of the moon:
Diameter of the Death Star:
The height of Mount Everest:

A Brief History of Proxima Nova

I have a lot of respect for Mark Simonson. I’ve had the privilege of conversing with him a few times through email and have always been quite fond of his typographical creations. Cameron Moll presents a very brief look at the history of Proxima Nova.

(H/T Daring Fireball)

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